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  1. 3br.2bathroom
  2. 1br,1*bathroom
  3. 3br,2*bathroom
  4. 2br1*bathroom
  5. 2br,2*bathroom
  6. 2br.1bathroom
If you have found on our website a housing to your liking or you have an idea on the area you want to live or a budget, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us via phone or simply talk to a representative online, leave a message with your contact information and requirements and we will arrange one of our consultants to get in touch as soon as possible to find you the most suitable housing as per your requirements.

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  1. Our experienced brokers have been operating in the shanghai real estate market since 2012.we specialize in the brokerage of lane houses and apartments for rent in Shanghai including the former French concession, Xintiandi and Jingan area. Working for many large and high-profile international companies has given us an in-depth knowledge of multinational standards. Our english-speaking staff is ready to help you find quality properties for the right price.


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Established in 2012, LANE HOUSE SHANGHAI is an independent,dynamic innovative firm of consultants providing an extensive range of property related services including Shanghai lane house, apartment for rent, and office leasing. Located in the central of Shanghai, we are ideally positioned to provide our property experience to the downtown Shanghai market including the French Concession, Xintiandi and Jingan area.Our key value proposition is to provide you, our customers with an enviable level of customer care. We pride ourselves of providing exclusive lane house and apartment solutions which offer real value for money and a clear impartial advice and guidance to ensure you find a home which suits you.