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Shanghai Apartments-Foncim Apartments

Last Updated: 2018-01-12 15:34:00
The Foncim Apartments is a brick-and-concrete composite structure. Built in 1932, it is located in Gaoan rd 78 and Jianguo w rd 645( in the heart of former French Concession). The apartments  cover an area of 4506 sqm. The apartment complex consists of two apartment buildings joined by a colonnade that once bisected a lovely garden between the south wing and the large north wing.

Both buildings have three staircases with only two apartments of each landing. All apartments are floor-through and have generous balconies, many now enclosed; the buildings garages now have been converted into living space. The colonnade is still there.

The art-deco building is more than 90 years old but after its latest renovation, it turned into a charming gem from the past, as most of the architectural details were respected and preserved. Its façade reminds of old Shanghai but the architect, whoever that was, might have been a little confused when he designed it back in the thirties and the result is an interesting mix of styles that give the edifice a line of its own.

Recently we have a unit availalbe for rent in the heritage building, it is on the top floor with terrace, more information you can check the following link: 2br Apartment with terrace in Jianguo W Road.

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