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Shanghai Lane House-Huaihai Fang( Joffre Terrace)

Last Updated: 2019-11-05 10:27:00
Huaihai Fang (Joffre Terrace)

Huaihai Fang is a typical Shanghai lane house built in 1924 (formerly known as Joffre Terrace). It is located at Huaihai M Rd Lane 927 at the intersection of South Shaanxi Road. Huaihai M Road (formerly known as Avenue Joffre) used to be the Champs Elysees of the French Concession and now is a busy and prestigious shopping street.

Huaihai Fang is a lane complex where one major lane, almost always a north-south one, has smaller lanes branching off to the left and right so that all housing can face south. There are 199 lane houses in the Huaihai Fang. All the row houses are brick. All the lane houses have a courtyard in the front.

Huaihai Fang was home to many prominent personages with literary connections. One of China's most famous writers once lived here. Starting in 1973, BaJing, Chinas most long-lived author lived at House No.59 for 18 years and it was here he wrote some of his most famous works. A bit further along at House No.64 lived Xu Guangping, the widow of one of Chinas later vernacular writers, the revolutionary Communist Lu Xun. She, along with their son, lived here from 1936 to 1948 while she edited her husband complete works; she preserved them for posterity on the third the floor of this house.

The House No 99 was the home for the international-famed painter Xu Beihong. He is most famous for his black and white paintings of galloping horses with means flying; his paintings are to be found in museums worldwide.

In the Huaihai Fang, because of its great location and the lane is a main thoroughfare and thus more promising for business, some of its front courtyards have been turned into small shops or home offices.

Some lane houses have been totally renovated and lease for expats who love Shanghai old lane house and building. 
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