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How to judge the true value of a Shanghai lane house

Last Updated: 2017-11-28 11:44:00
 How to judge the value of a Shanghai lane house, there are some factors:

1.a good neighborhood with historical and cultural atmosphere

2.the size of the garden

3.has a high end consumption level

4.high class residential population, such as government officer, corporate executive, expat tenants which is good for the high rental return.

5 well-reserved by the government

Among all the above factors, there is one particularly important factor- location. You might say all the lane houses are centrally located, but as far as Shanghai native concerned  I would say there are deferent classes.

Top class location: Hunan road-Wukang road-Taian road-West Fuxing Road-Xingguo road-Anfu road-Wuyuan road area, this area is the center of center.

Second class location: Gaoan road-Hengshan road-Kangping road-Wuxing road-Yuqing road area; Sinan road-Xiangshan road-Yueyang road-Changle road-Julu road-Yongjia road-Jianguo West road area. Those are two well reserved historical area with beautiful house in the French Concession.

Third class location: Yuyuan road-Nanjing w road-Chongqing road-Fuxing m road.

Fourth class: Huaihai w road-Xinhua road-Fanyu road area. Xinhua rd is an upper-class residential district located just outside the French Concession in western Shanghai, known formerly as Amherst Avenue
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